Support Options

Support Options

What is Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse includes sexual assault, sexual violence, inappropriate touching and sexual harrassement.

This involves any form of unwanted or forced sexual contact where consent has not or cannot be given. Sexual ssault is about power and control and many of those affected feel that the sexual nature of the assault is secondary compared to the feeling of having their own authority and choice taken away from them.


Our Case Managers provide support to survivors of sexual abuse and their families / whanau.  This can be in relation to a recent or historic event.  The support is tailored to the specific needs of the individual and can include liaising with the Police or other agencies; providing court support and accessing appropriate counselling.

SASH offers support that is specific to the practical issues and needs related to the abuse, which can also include family members who are affected.

To access any of our services and talk in confidence to someone who will understand,
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